One Law for Us – One Law For Them

It’s certainly a risky business to stand up for the rioters, and to propose that urban uprisings are not excusable but legitimate. As young people laughing about the riots on Facebook have been given massive prison sentences:

* Shawn Divin, 16, and Jordan McGinley, 18 of Dundee, were administrators of a Facebook page called “Riot in the toon” and sentenced to four years – there was no riot in Dundee.

* Danny Cook of Kidderminister was sentence to 22 Months for creating a Facebook group page called “Letz start a riot”. It was viewed by dozens, no riot took place

* Jordan Blackshaw, 21 and Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan, 22, of Cheshire were sentenced for four years for suggesting a riot for Nantwich (there was no riot there), were sentenced to four years each.


* Millionaire friend of David Cameron, Jeremy Clarkson goes on national TV an in front of millions proposes shooting strikers. The Prime Minister defends him calling the comments ‘humorous’. Clarkson’s previous humorous  comments inspired Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik (Clarkson was quoted approvingly in Breivik’s manifesto). You’d think Mr Clarkson might be a little more careful, and his ‘friends’ a little more critical, of what he says.  Unlike the Facebook posters, there is no suggestion that multi-millionaire Clarkson should stand on trial

* One member of the 1% elite group did however get a prison sentence. Duncan McAlpine, whose father runs Painshill Farm Stables in Cranleigh, Surrey, deliberately drove a transit van at some drinkers standing out a pub, because he considered them he regarded as ‘nasty working men’. For this attempt at mass murder McAlpine received 18 months. Considerably less than any of the rioters or indeed the working class jokers on Facebook.

The law is their law.



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