Rae of Sunshine

It has not been a good season for Queen of the South, and the prospect of relegation with just a few weeks of the season left still looks an odds-on possibility. However, things could have been a lot worse if the retiring chairman David Rae had sold his controlling stake in the club to the asset-stripping charlatans of Media Pro Sport; many of whose key players have been responsibility for the bankrupcy of previous football clubs.

However, whilst David Rae basks in the warm applause he has received for his decision; perhaps we should wonder at a situation which allows for clubs to be owned by chancers like Pro Sport and allows Rae the sole power to decide the fate of the club. Wouldn’t a system in which fans, and club employees (players, techincal, support and admin staff) controlled the club instead. If Rae was willing to distribute his controlling interest to a democratic fan-wnership model, then he would genuinely deserve the supporters thanks.


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