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Reports: Anti-SDL March

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Given how wet it was on Saturday, there was a strong turnout, against the SDL. There wre large number of loca trade unionists, young families and teenagers as well as the usual sprinkling of Trot groups, some of whom hadn’t bothered to change their leaflets for a Scottish audience. Still, they did better than us loca Wobs who forgot to bring our banner.

A thankfully pathetic number of SDL did turn up and cause a tiny amount of bother (one was arrested for trying to incite religious hatred). A section of the crowd made sure the SDL knew they weren’t welcome so they stayed largely a mile away drinking in the few pubs that would have hen (and didn’t know who they were), so were largely away from the town’s only mosque, the site of their irrational ire.

The SDL’s reason for targeting the Dumfries Islamic Centre was that the mosque leaders have applied… shock horror… for the building to have occasional residential use. Some local residents disapprove of the plans because of the additional traffic it might cause. A perfectly understandable and perhaps resolvable concern. For some reason, the SDL considers this a reason for an anti-Islam crusade. Even the few local residents who oppose the mosque plans, are appalled by the SDL. Details here.

Now this pantomine is over, lets concentrate on building resistance to those who damage our collective well-being: the bosses. Saturday, June 1st at 12 noon: Demo against the Bedroom Tax in George Sqaure, Glasgow.

(pics to follow)


Dumfries: Anti-Racist Demo – Saturday 18 March 2013

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The Scottish Defence League (SDL) the sadder and more pathetic ‘little brothers’ of the fracturing English Defence League (EDL) are threatening to visit Dumfries. Claiming only to be against ‘militant Islam’ – as though no one else was against the terroristic, misogyny and murderous savagery of extremist Islamism – the EDL and SDL attack Muslims of all and every stripe. Indeed, of all the many problems Dumfries faces (lack of resources, growing gap between rich and poor, environmental damage etc), the threat of Al Qaeda taking over the town isn’t one of them.

So picking on the local, small Muslim minority is not just vicious racism (associating wholly innocent people with actions they have no responsibility for), but serving to support the rich bastards (of all races and religions) who are responsible for the shit we’re in but never criticised by the SDL. So it;s no surprise that the EDL and SDL attack trades unionists and radicals too.
The local Trades council, have called a meeting on Wdnesday 8th May at 7.30pm at Dumfries Academy (Minerva Hall) to organise opposition to the SDL. With a speaker from the authoritarian socialist dominated United Against Fascism (it does include some non-Trots too). So akthough they’ve called a public meeting, like good authoritarians they seem to have already decided what action to take, because on…

Saturday 18th May, the day the SDL are supposed to turn up, there will be a peaceful counter-demonstration, well away from the SDL.

Two things to note, in the past the SDL have claimed they will turn up, but bottled out. There was a similar threat to demonstrate in Lockerbie a couple of years ago, but they bottled it. The Police and Council confirm that the SDL have not asked for a permit to march (and it is now too late to do so. Though the SDL can still hold a static rally. Second, there is no attempt to make the SDL directly uncomfortable. This might actually be good tactics on this occasion, though if the SDL are anything like their pished up football hoolie counterparts in the EDL, local people might wish to make plans to defend themselves as they do tend to be a bit narkie.

Local Wobs will be supporting the anti-racist action on the day. Even if the SDL don’t show, with UKIP and the BNP doing well in elections just over the border, it is worth reasserting that there are large numbers committed to popular, anti-racist politics.



Glasgow Fair Report

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The Glasgow Fare was full of interest with well-stocked stalls of books, DVDs and magazines as well as free information, film shows and talks. On the downside some of the speakers cancelled at the last moment because of ill-health and attendance was a little lower than expected, maybe for the same reason (these radicals must be a sickly lot). However there was still well over four dozen, about three times the amount they had at the very first London Anarchist Fare, which now attracts thousands.

On the positives, good contacts were made, with some people travelling from the Highlands, the English Midlands and London.  Lots of interest in Wob material; Plus the threatened attack by the SDL (Scottish Defence League) did not materialise.

Hopefully, there’ll be another  Glasgow Radical Fare soon.

Political Policing

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12 Days ago we reported that police had raided and arrested political activists in Edinburgh just ahead of the Zara Philips royal wedding in a campaign called Operation Opal. Details of which are sill forthcoming, and will be put online here within the week. However, one of those with close links to those arrested, a Wob (IWW member) from Dumfries asks us to point that a similar campaign was launched against socialist and labour activists in Glasgow.

This Fellow Worker fears that with demonstrations planned against the anti-trade union, far-right Scottish Defence League and campaigns against pay-, benefits- and welfare cuts, this could be the start of a campaign against activists. There is not to stir up paranoia – or to put people off being involved – a few simple precautions can save a lot of grief. Don’t have anything incriminating lying around the house; if you are not arrested don’t assist the police and if you are it’s a big ‘IF’, make sure you have good legal representation. Remember to keep an accurate note yourself of everything they confiscate and everything that is said. Afterwards seek out a good lawyer to sue their arses afterwards. In 2003-4 a lot of activists made a fortune from suring the police after 23 anti-monarchist protestors were rounded up and held for no legitimate reason.

The authorities must be rattled if they are having to resort to scooping up random activists on entirely fallacious grounds.